Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All that Glitters is not Gold.

We've been noticing sequin maxi skirts popping up all over the place and we're here to say that they are nothing but a tease.  At first we answered the siren call of this Anthro sequin skirt.  Our eyes were glazed over by glitter and we thought here is our chance to be real life princesses!  Into the dressing room we danced and...womp, womp, womp.  While the dress looks glam on a hanger, on the body it hugs the hips tightly and fans out at the bottom, making the wearer look a bit too much like a remix of The Little Mermaid.  But it's not just the fit.  The all over glitter made us feel like we were trying just a little too hard.  While some glitter is good, too much glitter is Glinda-the-Good-Witch.  If you must have a sequin skirt in your closet we suggest mini versus maxi in order to tone down the style, like the skirt below from Jcrew Factory.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Play like Peggy

Peggy Lipton was a popular actress in the 1960's and 1970's, best known for her role as a flower-child on hit show The Mod Squad.  She is also the mother of Rashida Jones, the actress from Parks & Recreation.  Her fashion was laid back and simple, as evident by this blue and white rugby shirt.  Below is an update on the style, with a slightly more high voltage color scheme:

We're not drinking the Kool-Aid.

According to Marie Claire, pointy shoes are in.  We don't care what the runways say: this look is so low voltage.  Save your pointy toe shoes for Halloween or in the event a house falls on your head, but please don't wear them in any other context.  Runway is not reality and we think they are plain heinous.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Keep it loose, keep it tights

There is something delicately feminine about tights. They are not only a necessity as the weather turns cold, but also manage to strike just the right note between baby doll and seductress.  Inspired by Catherine Deneuve and Anna Karina,  we tiptoed through the web for the sweetest tights we could find.


Barre Workout

If you are anything like us, then you hate the gym.  Let's repeat.  HATE. THE. GYM.  But we also know that in order to look good in the clothes we post, you have to be in decent shape.  Hence the lazy girl's guide to a good body:  Fitness Blender Barre Workout.  All you need is a chair and/or kitchen counter, and a laptop to watch this free 39 minute workout.  The moves are easy enough to follow, and work all parts of your legs and arms.  It hurts so good.  Plus it makes us feel like the ballerinas we always wanted to be.

Kidman vs. Bardot

In the Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014 campaign, Nicole Kidman channels Brigitte Bardot.  (Elle)  While we think Nicole is always a stunner, we are not sure how successful she was in this endeavor.  To us, her hair looks like it veers too far in the mullet direction.  We prefer Bardot's sexy bedhead to Kidman's mane.  Judge for yourself below:


Season of the Witch

In honor of Halloween, here are 3 dresses we find positively bewitching.  Put them on and go cast some spells.

Listen to Donovan's Season of the Witch Song as the soundtrack to your broomstick ride.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coats Galore

Audrey Hepburn and Catherine Deneuve rocked pea coats in the 1960's.  Scroll down for our modern take on this classic style.

ASOS Pink Mohair Coat, $213.58

French Connection Wool Coat, $299

French Connection Wool Flared Coat, $348.00

Madewell Mod Coat, $298.00

Madewell Promenade Coat, $295.00

5 Party Handbags Under 100

We scavenged the web so you wouldn't have to, and found the cutest clutches and purses to take out with you for your next night on the town.  All under $100.





Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cheap Sparkly Thrills

Right now we are all about cheap sparkly thrills, and with the holidays right around the corner we are having fun stocking up on these glittery baubles.

(From left to right:  Crystal Pendant necklace,, $29.50; Square Stone Bracelet,, $19.50; Stackable Ring H&M, $5 for 3 rings; Anthropologie Bracelet, in store for $19).
Here are some links to where we have been frolicking for jewelry:

Original High Voltage Dolls

High voltage is when you look in a mirror and feel dangerous.  Whether it's a new shade of lipstick, a body-hugging dress, or a good hair day, feeling high voltage is the idea of giving everyone an electric shock as you walk by them.  To begin the blog, we nod to the original goddesses of high voltage.  Just try to look away.

Brigitte Bardot, the darling of French cinema of the 50's through 70's, was always high voltage.  Her big blonde hair, love of hair bows and barettes, baby doll style, and body-hugging dresses made her an undeniable fashion icon.
Catherine Deneuve, another French siren of the 1960's rocked the half-ponytail.  Less buxom than Bardot, Deneuve was an arbiter of elegance.  

Jane Asher, girlfriend of Paul McCartney in the 60's until he infamously cheated on her, made red hair sexy.

Jean Shrimpton, supermodel of the 1960's, was a brunette stunner.  Decked out in jewels, she gave sultry a new meaning.
Ms. Hepburn needs no introduction.  She gave sexy a whole new meaning.  With her elfin face and sleek figure, she represented a whole new type of classic, delicate femininity.