Monday, February 17, 2014


Color-blocking as a trend is here to stay, well at least for now.  As you can tell we're not overly enthused, but we've seen some new ideas recently added that we like: from the ombre drip look to geometric shapes, to asymmetrical blocking. We especially like this look when done with neutral colors.  We think the black & white and black & gray mixes make for classic looks with just the right playful edge.

1. Sheath Dress,Topshop, $96
2. Tote Bag, South Moon Under, $49.99
3. Peasant Blouse, Anthropologie, $118
4. Asymmetric Dress, ASOS, $88.89
5. Color Block Dress, Kenneth Cole, $98
6. Margot Dress, Anthropologie, $118
7. Lounge Maxi Dress, Urban Outfitters, $49
8. Envelope Clutch, J.Crew Factory, $52.50
9. Square Drop Earrings, J.Crew Factory, $14.50
10. Frankie Pump, Madewell, $99.99

Thursday, February 13, 2014

White as Snow.

Spring fashions are all over the magazines right now, but a glance outside at the freshly falling snow shows us it's still winter.  The color white has been a big winter trend, and we think it is the perfect color to transition from winter to spring.  It has a light, clean quality to it and a sweetness that is all its own.  We especially love how lace is incorporated into many of the clothes below.  Plus snow days are the perfect excuse to online shop!  What else do you really have to do?

1. Orlaya Top, Anthropologie, $78
2. Boxy Crossbody Bag, Forever 21, $24.80
3. Sugar Plum Slip, Free People, $168
4. Elephant Bracelet, Banana Republic, $39.50
5. Lace Skater Dress, ASOS, $92.60
6. Jilly Tee, Free People, $68
7. White Collar Necklace, Choies, $13.99
8. Leather Wedge Court Shoe, Zara, $129
10. Ivoire Dress, Anthropologie, $188
11. Nolita Denim Jacket, J.Crew, $128

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bathing in Jewels: Anthropologie under $30

Just walking into Anthropologie is a special treat.  It's decorated like a whimsical, magical dream; a bohemian forest of soft lacey fabrics, bright colors, playful prints, and glamorous accessories.  If we could, we would buy everything in the store, but that would just leave us fashionably bankrupt.  Right now we're focused on the jewels and they have a treasure chest full of them on sale.  Here are our favorite picks all under $30.  

1. Nuance Bracelet, $19.95
2. Proviso Posts, $14.95
3. Nighthawk Drops, $14.95
4. Aubergine Earrings, $14.95
5. Garden Pop Bangle, $29.95
6. Zouzou Drops, $29.95
7. Fringed Earrings, $19.95
8. Vilma Cuff, $14.95