Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tweed Time.

Grandma's around, and it's time to be a lady.  Not only does tweed add a posh, refined quality to your outfit, it is also a warm winter classic.  So tweed it out from dresses to jackets to bracelets to shoes. Tweed tweed tweed!

1. Tweed Dress, Anthropologie, $199.95 (Now 25% off, $150)
2. Tweed Coat, ASOS, $105.26
3. Tweed Cuff, Nissa Jewelry, $45
4. Tweed Mini Dress, ASOS, $36.30
5. Tweed Wedges, Anthropologie, $148 (25% off now, $111)
6. Tweed Sparkle Dress, ASOS, $117.97
7. Tweed Wrapped Cuff, Nissa Jewelry, $29

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