Sunday, January 5, 2014

Polka dot panic.

Polka dots are a timeless classic.  They are playful, yet elegant, girlish, yet womanly. There has always been something alluring about their simplicity.  Below are some of our favorite vintage fashionistas partying in polka dots.  Scroll further down for the best polka dot clothes we could find on a budget, ranging from $30 to $160.  Happy shopping!

Clockwise starting with top left: Catherine Deneuve in black & white dress, Brigitte Bardot in red & white dress, France Gall in blue & white shirt, Bardot in black & white shirt, Jane Birkin in red & white dress, Jean Shrimpton on Vogue Cover, Anna Karina in black & white hat, Shrimpton in black & white dress, Elizabeth Taylor in blue & white dress.

1. Polka Dot Bow Dress, Modcloth, $63
2. Polka Dot Calf Hair Pumps, Ann Taylor, $158
3. Pink Polka Dot Dress, Modcloth, $60
4. Split Dots Dress, Anthropologie, $70
5. Blue Smocked Dress, Urban Outfitters, $54
6. White Polka Dot Dress, South Moon Under, $30
7. Dotted Crewneck Sweater, Madewell, $80
8. Toothpick Jean in Polka Dot, J.Crew, $80

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