Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bathing in Jewels: Anthropologie under $30

Just walking into Anthropologie is a special treat.  It's decorated like a whimsical, magical dream; a bohemian forest of soft lacey fabrics, bright colors, playful prints, and glamorous accessories.  If we could, we would buy everything in the store, but that would just leave us fashionably bankrupt.  Right now we're focused on the jewels and they have a treasure chest full of them on sale.  Here are our favorite picks all under $30.  

1. Nuance Bracelet, $19.95
2. Proviso Posts, $14.95
3. Nighthawk Drops, $14.95
4. Aubergine Earrings, $14.95
5. Garden Pop Bangle, $29.95
6. Zouzou Drops, $29.95
7. Fringed Earrings, $19.95
8. Vilma Cuff, $14.95

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